Estonia and Equines has been given 4.5 stars on Amazon. See what readers have to say below:

A book of two halves, a very poignant heartfelt story of two daughters determination to bring her heritage and extended family back to life. The horsey escapades will definitely strike a cord with any horse owners, along with the trials and tribulations of being evolved with the equine world. I really enjoyed the read

Emma Massingale

…a good story, easy to read and waiting for the next instalment!

Four Stars

…Anne's determination to find out about her mother's family and the lengths she went to get information is inspiring. In many ways it is like a fairy story. A British soldier brings back from the war a young woman with no papers and no knowledge of the whereabouts of her family. He marries her they have one daughter. The joy of eventually being successful in her quest and the meeting with her aunt and her family is so evident and then regular visits to Estonia for the author and her husband to get to know her long lost family and her heritage. Truly inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Four Stars

I took Estonia and Equines on holiday abroad, and found the story of Ann's family so interesting that I could hardly put the book down, and I only read two books a year! - but this one was read in four days! Very well written, the first part of the book on Ann's family in Estonia read as if you were almost there at the time, and waited impatiently for the next page. The second half of the book - relating to Ann's equestrian history, was a interesting and funny read - I am not a animal lover, but warmed to the stories of Ann's horsey antics. A lovely, interesting and exciting read

Five Stars

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  1. Diana Percy says:

    I found the historical aspect of the book fascinating…we know so little of Estonia here in the UK. I also loved the stories of the horses and humans. Till’s strength of character and big heart shine through in her encounters with both humans and animals.

  2. Beccy says:

    What a great book, Ann told me many stories from her younger horsey years, which were great to listen to and reading part 1 of her finding her family was truly amazing. I cried many tears when Splodger died and reading about it was as painful. Well done to Tintern Tinker and well done to your book Ann.

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