Estonia and Equines charts the author’s remarkable search for long-lost family and for her own true identity. Armed with only a single surname, Annabelle Till heads to Estonia, her mother’s birthplace, to track down her loved ones.

Against all odds, she succeeds. But the joy of reunion was bitter sweet when she discovers the tragic fate of her late grandfather – a respected major in the Estonian Calvary who was captured by the Russians and sent to labour camp. Till manages to piece her family roots together and in so doing finds the thing she had been so desperately seeking – her heritage. Estonia and Equines also documents Till’s life-long passion for horses, and shares many of her stories about keeping horses, ponies and donkeys.

This gripping, poignant and insightful autobiographical novel is must-read for anyone with a love and passion for genealogy, travel and horses.

You can read an extract of Estonia and Equines here. You can buy a signed paperback here, or purchase a copy on Amazon, here.

“A book of two halves, a very poignant heartfelt story of two daughters determination to bring her heritage and extended family back to life.

The horsey escapades will definitely strike a cord with any horse owners, along with the trials and tribulations of being evolved with the equine world. I really enjoyed the read.” Emma Massingale