As the title of this book would suggest, Estonia and Equines is a tale of two journeys: the first is an adventure far into Eastern Europe to find out whether any members of my mother’s family were still alive, after her dramatic escape from the country to marry my father. After much searching, I found my aunt, uncle and cousins in Tallinn and have visited them on many occasions with my husband Ron, to re-establish my roots in the beautiful country of Estonia.

The second journey is a life-long one in the company of the horses I have owned and loved over the years. Each one had
its own character and challenges, but they were all special to me – even Didge the Donkey! Because of these beautiful animals, I met wonderful people and travelled the country experiencing the thrills and spills of a life with equines. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Estonia and Equines: Finding my family and my horsey heritage by Annabelle Till is available now, priced £7.99. Click here to buy a copy.

Estonia And Equines front and back covers